Framing- yes framing! Everybody needs things framed.

What We Frame


Well, we frame lots of things. We can frame your photographs, painting, tapestries and cross stitches. We also frame and stretch canvas of different shapes and sizes too! We have a wide but affordable range of mouldings (that's the wooden part), plain or non-reflective glass, a huge range of matting colours and can even do box frames if your project requires it.

We do our absolute best to keep the price of framing down (as it's generally quite expensive), while never skimping on quality materials or craftsmanship. All jobs are completed on premises by our trained and experienced staff. Our turnaround time is generally within 2 weeks depending on the current workload, but you'll get a better estimate when you place your order. Best of all, we offer free, no-obligation quotes! So if you're interested at all, come into Arttime - we'd love to discuss your framing options.

A few things to note:

Firstly, any clothing, memorabilia, etc. is tricky to frame at the best of times. We recommend you call us before making a special trip in if this is you, as we have other framers who specialise in memorabilia and could perhaps provide a better service for you in that case. Also, for any LARGE items (over 100 x 100cm), be aware that there's a chance we may not be able to frame it so give us a call for some more info.