What We Do...umm, what exactly do we do?

What DON'T we do!

What we love to do is serve you in the most helpful way possible... We love customer service! That's what it comes down to.

Our staff are all creative people who are passionate about making your next project that much better. There are literally years and years of industry knowledge and experience among the team, so whether you have a question that seems too simple ask or have been stuck on a project for too long, please contact us and we'll be glad to help.

Art Supplies

Actually, besides the regular fine art supplies - brushes, paint, pencils, pastels, pens, paper, canvas and clay - we stock a bunch of other fun stuff, too! We sell print-making materials and tools, different sculpture mediums including hebel and stone, PMC clay, sculpey, clothing dyes, and so much more. We now also have a range of resins which is super exciting.


We've been framing your artwork almost since we began! Have a look at our framing page here. It has some info on our framing service.

Classes and Workshops

Yes, we also run various classes and workshops throughout the year - right here at Arttime in the Drawing Point Gallery and Studio! Whether you're feeling bold or if you've been looking for something local, have a squizz at our current classes and workshops to see if anything catches your eye. They're all held here at the shop and our Teachers are first class! You can even sign up right here online...